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Welcome to Sustainable Childcare Consultancy

Let me begin by saying 'Congratulations', you have been brave and passionate enough to choose the rewarding career path that is Early Education.

While this is an incredibly satisfying career it can present many challenges as well and we have to be dedicated to learning continuously, just as the children do.  

As Educators we are committed to personal and professional development and I am here to support you on your learning journey.

How I Can Help You...

As an Early Education Consultant I completely understand the need to be flexible and therefore I will work with you and your teams to develop a professional development plan that suits you.  Some examples are outlined below:

Service Consultancy - I will come to your service and we will develop a plan together that meets your needs and your budget.

Targeted National Quality Standard Training - If there are one or 2 Quality Areas you would like to focus on I can help and support you understand and meet these areas.

Quality Improvement Plan Support - I am happy to assess your Quality Improvement Plan and provide feedback and support for you to continue your work in a clear and focused direction.

Assessment & Rating Support - If you have A&R looming and would like additional support I can conduct a 'mock assessment' and then we can develop an action plan for you to increase your confidence.

Online Training Tool - ***Coming Soon*** I am very excited to be launching an online training tool for you to complete at your leisure which will will support you in your role.  Watch this space!

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