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how can i help you?

Online consulting

Too busy to catch up face to face?  I understand and that is why I offer online consulting.  Here are some of the ways we can connect online:

  • Quality Improvement Plan Review - I will spend some time reviewing your QIP and adding comments for you to make changes or updates.

Cost: $299

  • Skype/video session within your team meeting focusing on a particular area for additional professional development and quality improvement.

Cost: $349 for one 1/2 hour session with some training tools

  • Educational Leader Training Package - every fortnight I will Skype with the Educational Leader (45min sessions) for additional training and support within their role.

Cost: $579/month

face to face consulting

I believe it is always best to meet face to face, this way I can see where I may be needed most to support you and your teams to continuously improve.

I offer a range of face to face consulting but not limited to:

  • One off service visit to complete a compliance and quality check and provide you with a report.  

Cost: $987

  • 1 hour consultation and discussion regarding possible needs and develop a consulting package together.

Cost: FREE **

  • Educational Leader Program - fortnightly visits to work with Educational leader and the team.  4 hour site visit each fortnight.

Cost: $978/month

Please note: Face to face consulting is varied and unique to each service.  A wide range of consulting options are available to you so I would recommend an hour consultation as your first choice.

** Conditions Apply - some additional consultancy must be booked or the fee will be $79

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